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Server info

This server is for 4 players.It is not so much, but i prefered longer server lasting ! So this server will be online until April 2021 !!!

This server uses Server-Side mods for better game fun !!! You dont need to download anything...


List of all mods in this server :

AutoShotgunGoneWild - super speed shooting weapon with big magazine, great for Blood Moons

BessereSpikes - wood and iron spikes have more hitpoints for better defence in early game phase

HayblocksNoDamage - you can jump from any height on haybales without taking damage

JenDroid - sexy babe you can build and he will walk in your base...

ElectriCapacitorBank - a better version of battery bank, you can built / buy or scrap electric devices for it

Paintbrush - better painting, high speed brush + you dont need to press RMB on every block...

Blimp - nice and quick airship you can craft, with bigger storage

OldFarmland - you can craft Garden Hoe again and dont need to make Farm Plots anymore...if you dont want...

BrightGoogles - a better version of Night Vision !

42DyesWorkstation - you can craft and use much more color dyes in your tools/weapons or clothing

InstantCraftingSmelting - most of the loot you can quick craft some items...and the Forge is in high gear too :)))))))

JumpPad - you can craft this to jump really high

96PlayerBackpack - BIG backpack with 96 sloths so you can carry more shit...

LogSpikes - you can craft the old great Log Spikes again !!!

MaxDamage - steel blocks, doors and LogSPikes have 50000 HitPoints for better defence

QualityModSlotBoost - all weapons and tools have on level 6 - 6 mod slots

DecoBlock - you can craft more than 400 decorations...

HudPlus - a better HUD for more info...

StackMoreItemsXL - so you can carry even more shit with you :)))

FasterScrap - so you can quick scrap some items...

TradingMachine - you can craft a trading machines where you can sell and buy many things !

AutoWalls - you can craft special blocks that have the ability to automatic grow to 6 blocks high !!!

ExpandedPlayerStorage - you can craft some additional storage blocks like Steel Chest and Weapon Stashes...

MoveSpeeds & UnlimitedStamina - you can run all day from zombies you noob :)))))))))))

Tier6Crafting - you can craft the best tools / weapons again !!!

ZombieAnpasungen - zombies give more loot bags...


SnuffkinServerSideVehicles - you can craft and use those vehicles : 

Armored Car - 4 seater, slow, big fuel consumption

Army Truck - big truck for 6 players with big storage

Raft - for sailors on the lakes :)))))))

Sled - a dog pulled wood platform...

Jet Pack - great small vehicle for big heighs

Hell Beast - very quick motorcycle for 2 players !!!

Parachute - glider...

ATV - a triple wheeled vehile for 2 players

Hell Hound 4x4 - 6 seater road vehicle

Hell Fire - big motorcycle for 2 players

Hell Spikey 4x4 - a jeep for 6 players with heavy armoring

Hell Dog - another motorcycle for 2 players

Shark Blimp - weird flying little airship that looks GREAT :)))))))

Whirligig - VTOL chopper version of gyroscope for 3 players 

Magic Bus - a little school bus for 6 players